MANGO Math Deluxe Math Crates are for grades K – 8.   Each grade level crate, K – 5th grade, has 20 game-based lessons reinforcing the skills and concepts that students need to understand mathematics. (The Pre-Algebra Crate with 25 lessons is for middle school grades 6 – 8.) Each fun and enjoyable math lesson is individually packaged in a plastic envelop with all the necessary materials for a group of up to 4 students. The individually packaged lesson contain directions for the adult to explain the mathematics in the lesson; simple directions for the student on how to play the game or activity; and all the manipulative materials needed, like: dice, spinners, counters, play money, and laminated game boards with dry erase markers, etc. These lessons promote mathematical practices and correlate seamlessly with the Common Core State Standards. Perfect for math centers, small group work, after school clubs and more!

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