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MANGO Math crates reinforce Common Core State Standards mathematics skills for students grades K-8 by using fun and engaging game-based lessons.

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Want to see some of our MANGO Math games in action? Watch video explanations of some of the lessons from crates of various grade levels.

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Learning Centers

Math learning centers are areas of the classroom set up for students to work with peers using instructional and manipulative materials….

Quiet Time Activities

In a classroom full of diverse skills and abilities, it is important to have activities for the students that finish projects early….

Parent & Volunteer Groups

MANGO Math games and activities are great to have available for small Groups or one-on-one sessions with parents or volunteer helpers….

Resource Rooms

Providing MANGO Math activities in a resource room is a great option for students struggling with a particular math skill or concept….


Overwhelming research supports the benefits of one-one-one tutoring in improving students’ grades, study skills, and confidence….

Family Math Night

Reinforce math skills at a family fun math night! Family math nights are a great way to promote family time at home with a math focus….

Student Check-Out & Homework

One great way to encourage supplemental learning is to provide a ‘library’ of materials students can check out and take home to work on….

Math Clubs & Summer Programs

Summer programs with a mathematical focus are crucial for the maintenance of critical math skills through the relaxing summer months….

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Research find MANGO Math Increases Math Scores

Marian University logo

Summer Learning Institute

Two Year Research Findings

Has been conducting a research project on how to reduce summer learning loss.  They were specifically looking at how much time over the summer do students need to work on math to not have summer learning loss.  MANGO Math was very lucky to have them chose our product for their study.

In 2016 Marian University Study

381 under-served students were give AIMSWeb pre- and post-tests to determine math gains.  79% of those students maintained, gained or increased a grade level in math.  With average student having just 8 hours of instruction over 6 weeks increasing 4.01 percentile points on the test. 79% graph                                                             data slide 2016    

In 2017 Marian University Study

Worked with 302 under-served students at 16 different facilities and found that students that consistently attended camps their scores on the AIMSWeb showed that 100% of these students maintained, gained, or increased a grade level.  On average each students increase 5.77 percentile points on their math scores. 100% graph                                                             Data slide 2017   To see images of this programs please watch the video below.  And to find out more about MANGO Math check out our products on our website. Marian University in Indianapolis, IN recruited 24 college students from 5 universities under the supervision of master teachers and using MANGO Math's curriculum for the purpose of working with under-represented student over a 6-week summer break.  All students were provided three hours of math instruction per week for a six week period.  Marian University used an outside agency that used the AIMSweb standardized test (Pearson 2012) for analyzing the results of the pre- and posts-tests. MANGO Math hopes to continue to provide the curriculum for these students in order for them to succeed in math.  We couldn't be prouder of these results. If you would like to find out more about MANGO Math and it's success with students' math learning please feel free to contact us at info@mangomath.com or 425-328-1024.

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