Summer Math Camps

Summer Camps with Math, Sum Dividingly, Frac-tastic, Fun! Summer learning loss in mathematics is a huge problem.  Students on average lose 2.6 months of math knowledge over the summer.  This means that teachers must take that 2.6 month to reteach that material and still get through the standards required...

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Research find MANGO Math Increases Math Scores

Summer Learning Institute Two Year Research Findings Has been conducting a research project on how to reduce summer learning loss.  They were specifically looking at how much time over the summer do students need to work on math to not have summer learning loss.  MANGO Math was very lucky...

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October Calendar

October Calendar is here make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our daily problems.  Click here for the PDF copy  10 (oct) 2017 calendar  

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in class math activities


MANGO Math is Stealth Learning Educators struggle with creating ways to keep students engaged and motivated.  Today students receive instant gratification from easy access to smart phones and digital games.  Educators are under constant pressure to create engaging and motivational learning opportunities to keep students’ attention long enough for...

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Research Proves MANGO Math Can Improve Math Scores

MANGO Math can help improve students math abilities! MANGO Math curriculum was used by Marian University’s Summer Learning Institute in their mission to stop and reverse summer learning loss and to offer a unique vehicle for helping to build the STEM infrastructure in Indianapolis, IN.M Summer Learning Institute was continuing a...

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Math Calendar – September 2017

September is here and our math calendar is a great way for students to explore new fun math problems, math trivia and math jokes.  Adults can learn latest math research, math information, math strategies.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our daily posts. calendar September

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A Smile can improve Math Attitudes

Getting students to do well in math can start with a smile.   School is starting so let’s have an ATTITUDE CHECK! What do you say when someone says, do you like math? Do you say:   Math is Awesome!!  I love math!!!  I am a math enthusiast!!! Even if...

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Math Practice, Drill, Baby, Drill vs Play, Baby, Play

Math Practice Makes Perfect Math Practice??  It is four in the morning and I am sitting in a hotel room in San Antonio thinking about math education and an article that I just read entitled, “Drill, Baby, Drill? Study finds worksheets, practice improves math skills more than fun stuff.”...

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