Calendar for March from MANGO Math – Everyday fun

  MANGO Math March 2017 Calendar Enjoy the fun of MANGO Math’s March calendar These problems provide students with great algebraic thinking skills.  Students will start to understand concepts regarding balanced equations.  A student can add or subtract the same number of shape or multiply or divide by the...

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How MANGO Math Helps Prevent Learning Loss – Research Study

MANGO Math curriculum was used by Marian University’s Summer Learning Institute in their mission to stop and reverse summer learning loss and to offer a unique vehicle for helping to build the STEM infrastructure in Indianapolis, IN. Summer Learning Institute was continuing a 5-year longitudinal research study on Promising...

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Math at Work

MANGO Math decided to ask people about how math is involved in their work.  We decided to take different professions and each month address a different type of job that elementary and middle school students dream of becoming.  First one is Athletics people that have both played the game and...

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