Frequently Asked Questions of MANGO Math

1. Do your lessons adhere to national or state standards? Yes, all our lessons meet NCTM, Common Core and TEKS standards.  Within each grade level there is a base of understanding that students need to master. Kindergarten is number recognition and counting. Knowing number names and the counting sequence. Counting to tell the number of […]

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Educational Conferences

EDUCATORS HERE WE COME!!! MANGO Math will be attending some great conferences over the next couple of months.  We love meeting people who are dedicated, like us, in helping students succeed.  Conferences provide an opportunity to review research, learn strategies and hear stories on best practices.  Some speakers make you think about how you can be […]

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Math Takes Time

Math Takes Time How much time does your school allocate towards math? 50 minutes, 60 minutes? More? Less?  This difference may not seem that significant but those ten minutes in a day become 50 minutes in a week and if they attend school 180 days it becomes 30 hours less math time than those teachers […]

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math centers

Math Centers: Getting Them Started

START YOUR YEAR WITH MATH CENTERS Math Centers are a great way for students to communicate, collaborate, critically think, and be creative.  Ohhhh, math centers are also a great way for kids to fall in LOVE  with – that might be too strong of a word – REALLY LIKE math. Math centers provide a way […]

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Research find MANGO Math Increases Math Scores

Summer Learning Institute Two Year Research Findings Has been conducting a research project on how to reduce summer learning loss.  They were specifically looking at how much time over the summer do students need to work on math to not have summer learning loss.  MANGO Math was very lucky to have them chose our product […]

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Math Practice, Drill, Baby, Drill vs Play, Baby, Play

Math Practice Makes Perfect Math Practice??  It is four in the morning and I am sitting in a hotel room in San Antonio thinking about math education and an article that I just read entitled, “Drill, Baby, Drill? Study finds worksheets, practice improves math skills more than fun stuff.”     Well, I will say […]

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acting it out math activities

How to Avoid Math Drama – Acting Out Problem Solving

Problem solving strategies or what I like to call “creative thinking activities” are a necessary component of teaching students math. It helps students expand their perspective and intelligence. Research shows that everyone can learn math to high levels.  It is experiences that grows the brain, reviewing and thinking more deeply causes brain synapses to react. Believing in yourself […]

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Preschool Math – Making a Big Difference in Seattle

Mango Math is based in Seattle, WA, and we were excited to see a Seattle Times cover story last week about the surprising benefits of math learning in preschool classrooms! The story looks at South Shore PreK-8, a South Seattle school district where math learning begins early. Preschool Math Success in South Shore Understanding cardinality […]

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